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Dare I Call It Murder? - A Memoir of Violent Loss - by Larry M Edwards

In 1977, Loren and Joanne Edwards left Puget Sound aboard their 53-foot sailboat, Spellbound, destined for French Polynesia. Six months later they lay dead aboard their boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with their 20-year-old daughter left unconscious and bleeding from head wounds. The FBI named Larry's younger brother as the prime suspect in its murder investigation. But federal prosecutors never indicted him, leaving the case unresolved.

In Dare I Call It Murder?, Larry deciphers a maze of contradictory witness statements and ferrets out new facts to get at the truth of his parents' deaths. He also unveils the devastating impact the tragedy had on the survivors, not only at the time but thirty years later when the dispute over how to respond to a true-crime book containing an inaccurate account of the case rips the tattered family even farther apart.

Larry also offers a first-hand look at the:

  • toll extracted from survivors of violent loss
  • impact such a tragedy has on one's family
  • benefits of professional counseling
  • sailing/cruising and crew selection

    The foreword is written by Connie Saindon, founder of the Survivors of Violent Loss Program.

    San Diego Book Awards, 2012

    (unpublished memoir)

    Judge's comment:
    "I found myself wanting to read more.
    The impact of your last few lines — perfect."

    Excerpt: Revelation

    "A half-dozen French and American doctors have examined the X-rays," the FBI agent said. "They all came to the same conclusion: Your sister did not have an accident."

    A lump filled my throat and I struggled to breathe.

    Praise for the Book

    Dare I Call It Murder? is a top-notch true-crime book. But as a memoir, it's a gut-wrenching look into Larry Edwards' hell on earth after his parents' deaths at sea. . . . You won't be able to put down this tautly written and emotional look at the fatal splintering of a family and the search for truth by a survivor.

    Its the kind of book you cant put down. You will live this story.

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       In his book, Dare I Call It Murder?, Larry Edwards unmasks the emotional trauma of violent loss as he ferrets out new facts to get at the truth of how and why his parents were killed.

    Release date: July 9, 2013
    Marking the 35th anniversary of the year of the deaths

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    Loren and Joanne Edwards at their bon voyage party - 1977

    Loren and Joanne "Jody" Edwards at
    their bon voyage party, 1977

    Loren and Joanne Edwards at their bon voyage party - 1977

    Cutting the cake at
    the bon voyage party, 1977

    Larry Edwards at the helm of the Spellbound, 1977

    Larry Edwards at the helm
    of the Spellbound, 1977

    The Spellbound on Puget Sound, 1976

    The Spellbound on Puget Sound, 1976

    Author's Note

    My intent is that this book serves a broader purpose than simply laying out the untold story of my parents' deaths and refuting the errors in previously published material. My broader goal is to see this book generate greater awareness of and conversations about violent loss and its impact on the survivors and their families.

    Our society has an unmet need: professionally trained therapists who understand the distinction between natural death and violent/criminal death; therapists who can effectively counsel survivors of these types of deaths.

    Survivors of violent loss and criminal death often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), intense anger, and severe depression. Therapists trained in the fundamentals of dealing with this type of loss are better able to help the survivors through the traumatic grieving process and develop the resilience they need to lead more productive, happier lives.

    A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Survivors of Violent Loss Program or other organizations serving a similar purpose.

    Larry M. Edwards 
    San Diego, California 

    About the Author

    Larry M Edwards is an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of three books. He works as a book editor and publishing consultant in San Diego, Calif.

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