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How I Spent My 2020(& 21) Summer Vacation Pandemic Isolation.

The Pandemic Sessions - title
New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly)
Friar the Pandemic Fiddler


The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - front cover The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - back cover

The Pandemic Sessions: New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) comprises a series of recordings of compositions by old-time fiddler Larry "Friar" Edwards — aka the Fiddlin' Friar (an ironic, if not irreverent, moniker he acquired as a mountain man re-enactor).

The book (58 pages) contains the sheet music of these compositions, as well as explanatory notes (and asides). Available from Amazon.

The companion CD features the 16 tunes in the book, with separate vocal and instrumental tracks for Got the Pandemic Blues. The 17 tracks may be downloaded individually — available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Gracenote MusicID, Spotify, and other outlets. (June 2021)

The recordings include Friar playing the fiddle (because he couldn't afford to hire a Nashville pro — beaver plews, apparently, no longer being as good as gold), as well as bass and (very little) guitar. The accompanists and featured soloists — The Virtual Strangers — include virtual guest artists (a number of whom are Nashville pros), although one tune has a live, in-person accompanist — Richard Chance, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Pandemic Sessions - musicians - Coastal Eddy, guitar, Friar, fiddle, Mel, bass, Bob, associate producer
The virtual recording sessions.

Although the compositions span more than two decades, all but one of the recordings were made during the Great COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020-21, when live music and jam sessions became a thing of the past, and "virtual" became the word of the day.

The original plan called for this to be completed in 2020, but life (and work) intervened, and since the Pandemic continued raging, it was released in early June 2021.

Some of you may recognize a few of the earlier tunes, and the collection includes a number of newer tunes, some written during the Pandemic.

Tunes and Songs

  1. Biawaaisee Baalo (Bead Woman)
  2. Christine's Breakdown
  3. Fiddling Infidelities (video)
  4. Fleece & Flannel
  5. Fur Reel (Fer Real!)
  6. Got the Pandemic Blues
    vocal (video)
    instrumental (video)
  7. Grinnin' Al Grennan
  1. Hatman's Reel
  2. Janis (video)
  3. Manitoulin Thunder
  4. Moonshiner Stomp (video)
  5. Ode for Elijah (video)
  6. Rats in the Rafters (video)
  7. Red Pint Rag
  8. Spellbound Waltz (video)
  9. Strummer's Breakdown


The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - disc label The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - CD cover

The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - CD back cover The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - CD wallet inside

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Thanks . . .

A number of people deserve a great deal of thanks for providing feedback and encouragement (in most cases) with regard to the development of these tunes (and their titles) and the relevant chords, especially Chuck "Strummer" Preble ("You bastard. How many beats in FOUR/FOUR time?") of Heritage; the Yellow Dog Band of Trapper Wyatt, Archie Breeden, Hank Hiskes, and Nancy Brunson Wyatt ("Who put all those damned notes in this tune?"); The Granddaddyo's: Bruce Barnes and Larry Joslyn; and Steve Green, whose irrepressible (and unfiltered) wit inspired two of the tunes, as well as a nod to Tim Brittain and Ian Law for pointing out errors in the transcriptions. (Hey, Friar is a hillbilly fiddler, not a classically trained grad of Berklee or Juilliard.)

The Pandemic Sessions - New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly) - Bob T Parrot, associate producer And let's not forget Bob, as in Bob T. Parrot, the overbearing, pie-eyed associate producer and recording engineer who oversaw every session (at least in spirit, so to squeak). That's Bob to the right, stealing a nip of tuning fluid from Friar's cup.

"C sharp, you damn cracker!" he squawked. "Or you'll B flat. Awk!"

Bob is not his real name. He got christened as "Bob" after getting drunk and falling overboard. Besides, he hated being called Polly and, no, he doesn't want another damned cracker. He's a rescue bird from one of the pirate gigs; he has issues, but he means well (yeah, it's complicated).

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