Good Yule
(and Happy Holidaze)

December 21, 2015

From the sunny seashore . . . to the snowy mountain top

♩ ♫ ♩ May you be merry as a cricket, and may the New Year grant you the eye of a blacksmith on a nail, the good humor of a girl at a dance. Fiddle on! ♩ ♫ ♩ ♫ ♩

                Larry and Janis

2015 Highlights

•  New Book Release, April 19
What the Private Saw: The Civil War Letters & Diaries of Oney Foster Sweet — the previously unpublished letters, diaries, and post-war remembrances of Private Oney F. Sweet, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery F

•  We traveled to Maine, where we feasted on lobster
with our good friend Connie Saindon
(yes, the lobster did turn red when we cooked it), and we celebrated 28 years of marital bliss

•  Janis visited Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Iceland (no ice), Greenland (no green), and Barrow, Alaska (got the Ivory Gull) — mostly for birding

•  Murder Survivor's Handbook: Real-Life Stories, Tips & Resources received a prestigious Gold Award in the 2015 Benjamin Franklin book awards competition sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

•  New Book Release, Dec. 8
The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death by Connie Saindon. The Journey leads people through a healing process after losing a family member or friend in a violent death.

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